Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Updated list of online publications

Looks like it's high time I compiled an updated list of my poems available online....  There are new ones to add since I last did this, plus, regrettably, some links listed before that no longer work.

Eight Poems (with recordings)
How to Become a Raft
Two Poems (plus a review): Becoming Double, & Flight of Starlings

In Both Hands
Three Poems: Cracking Time, And These Are My Fears, My Grown-up Mother
Split-Flap Display
Yours Sincerely, Loneliness (This one was nominated for a Pushcart Prize - my thanks to the editors of The Cider Press Review!)
Virginia's Walking Stick
Grief in the Partitive
Four Postcards (see Postcardese issue in archives)
Two Poems: You in this Field, Where I Have Pulled Over my Bike, & The Edge of Everything
Four Poems: Disembody, As Yet Unnamed, As If the End Were in Sight, & What Remains (Finalist poems in 2014 Raed Leaf International Poetry Contest)

There is also video of me reading four poems (Taking My Leave, Light, West Stockbridge 1941, and Christmas in Puerto Angel) here.

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